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Tea Mug 173017  

Tea Mug 173017


Tea Mug 173017


Elegant Round Purple Yixing Clay Teapot

Steep your favorite teas in this larger capacity purple clay teapot, of a simple, yet elegant rounded shape. The outer ring of the two-piece knob spins freely. Made of high quality purple clay, known for its fine texture and porous nature. Purple clay teapots are produced in Yixing, China, and often referred to as Yixing clay pots. The raw clay material is of various colors, purple, red, and green, which can result in a variety of colors when a proper mixture is fired at various temperatures. With regular use, the inner walls of this very durable teapot continue to absorb the essence of tea, which in turn enriches the tea flavor in subsequent steepings. Approximate volume: 10 ounces (295ml).

Dimensions: Volume - 10 oz

Part number: 173017
Price: $45.00




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